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Samsung Galaxy S III T-Mobile review - CNET
Samsung's aggressive distribution strategy gives it a leg up against its chief Android rival, the HTC One X, but it fails to sweep HTC's finest, and Apple fans will scoff at Samsung's imitation Siri. The Bad The Galaxy S3's screen is too dim, and Samsung's Siri competitor, S Voice, disappointed.
Samsung I9000 Galaxy S review - From outer space -
We're getting reports of a Froyo drizzle on Samsung's party. Anyway, Éclair it is – with the Samsung's home-brewed TouchWiz UI on top, which we've already found to notably improve the usability of the interface. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.
Samsung Galaxy S 4G (T-Mobile) Review & Rating -
Samsung's TouchWiz UI layer also looks a little different, but it's never been much of a draw. The phone features seven customizable home screens you can swipe between, plus colorful little boxes around all of the menu icons. Scrolling is fast and seamless.
Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Review
In typical fashion, the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G exhibits the usual design characteristics akin to Samsung's stable – meaning it's all-plastic and very lightweight. The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G exhibits the usual design characteristics akin to Samsung's stable.
Review - Samsung Galaxy S III Android phone
And, with its new Galaxy S III, the South Korean electronics giant has accomplished something only Apple has been able to do so far: sell the same exact phone at the same price across major US carriers without letting them slap their logos on the front of the device.
Samsung Galaxy S review - Phone Reviews - TechRadar
A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away (OK, not that far – South Korea), a new smartphone set Samsung's mobile fortunes alight: the Galaxy S. Samsung surpassed its aim of selling ten million Galaxy S units back in January, and for the South Korean technology legend, it's the gift that just keeps giving.
AnandTech - Samsung Galaxy S III Performance Preview - It's Fast
Earlier today Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S III, at the heart of which is Samsung's new Exynos 4 Quad SoC. Fortunately we got a ton of hands on time with the device at Samsung's unpacked event in London and are able to bring you a full performance preview of the new flagship, due to be shipping in Europe on May 29th.
Phone Scoop
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Samsung Galaxy S III Review - Samsung Galaxy S III review - Is the hype warranted ...
Regardless, Samsung's combination of impressive hardware and excellent, intuitive software makes the Galaxy S III a very compelling package. Samsung's choice of polycarbonate plastic doesn't creak or rattle when pressed and the fit and finish is as good as most flagship smartphones on the market.
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